+ 15th of June to 5th of March: Take part in experimental life-drawing sessions!

Bring your own materials, you are encouraged to mix medias, everything from pencils to photography etc.
Coffee and snacks served.
8 courses package: 1000 kr or 150kr per session.
Payment in two times, get in touch at
Open to amateurs, beginners, students and professionals over 18.
Garry Williams is a contemporary Scottish artist based in Oslo.






TIC TECH TOE is a series of children workshops dedicated to electronic and time-based arts: sound, music, performance, field-recordings, etc.

+ Next session: 21-22 April

3h sound/music workshop for children from 7 to 15 organized by vandaler forening during Oslo Open. Children are invited to play plethora of electronic and acoustic instruments as well as record on SD cards and cassette tapes.



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