winter solstice 2012

“The laboratory exhibition “Winter Solstice” has no pretention but opening a labyrinthine and yet unknown space to the artists and the audience. Overlapping in time and space might occur.
The program starts at midnight until the daylight comes back, with musical performances each hour, intertwined with readings and magic.”

Participating artists:

Ragnhild Aamås, Karima Al-Mukhtar, Andrea Bakketun, Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas, Ayat Gali, David Guez, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott, Mimmi Mattila, Christian Tony,Ina Hagen, Miriam Johansen Hansen, Goutam Ghosh, Tommy Olsson, Jenny Patino, Kim Schonewille, Per Westerlund, Guttorm Andreasen, Ole-Petter Arneberg, Maria Belic, Andres Diaz Garcia, feilkontroll, Tone Gellein, Espen Lomsdalen, Isabel Marcos, Øyvind William Markussen Bjorbækmo, Johanna Zwaig,Anders Bang Jensen, Kos Daisuke Kosugi, Andreas Hald Oxenvad, Sylvia Storm, Mariana Zamarbide,Hanan Benammar, Runa Carlsen, Mattias Cantzler, Aksel Høgenhaug, Siri Iversen-Ejve, Richard Nygård, Maria Sundby, Martin Bech-Ravn, Sindre Brusselmans, Carl Mannov, Amanda Steggell, Sarah Jones, Greg Pope, Anneke Ingwersen, Marianne Knusten and Petr Svarovsky.




Olaf Ryes Plass 2, Oslo.

Uncurated by Hanan Benammar.

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