Winter Solstice 2015



Christmas anxiety? Feeling lonely and scared?

Don’t worry. We are once again organizing the longest night of utopia and hope.

Indeed, Vandaler Forening is extremely glad to invite you for the 4th edition of “the Winter Solstice night exhibition” which is becoming a tradition. As always, we will attempt gather our efforts until sunrise. Breakfast for the survivors.

We are also extremely honoured to welcome our first resident of the Oslo Artists-in-Residence Series: Marianna La Rosa Maruyama, based in Amsterdam.

After 4 years of collaboration, PNEK and Vandaler Forening are launching « From Dawn till Dusk PNEK art prize » . The prize will recompense every year one particularly meriting art work presented during the Winter Solstice. We aim to support and encourage experimental and time-based practices that take the challenge to keep us awake and focused till sunrise, stretching the darkness of the longest night of the year into a state of dream, utopia and poetry.



Center of Universe
Europ Europ
Prunk Möbel
Paolo Gàiba Riva
FFB Manele music Dj set


Marianna Maruyama
Thomas Holme
Aksel Høgenhaug
Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen
Ragnhild Aamås


Andrea Junekova
Andreas Hald Oxenvald & Endre Facon
Garry Williams
Johan Söderström
Kim Schonewille
Ludmila Hrachovinova
Magnus Oledal
Saulius Leonavicius
Sigmund Skard
Wouter Willebrands

Free entrance and free food.

$$$$$$$$$$ CASH IS QUEEN $$$$$$$$$$

This year will also mark the opening of our new art space! Double excitement!


Vandaler Forening.

Marianna Maruyama:

Marianna Maruyama (California) is an artist based in the Netherlands. Through writing, audio recording, drawing and play, she looks for ways that sound and movement facilitate an understanding of position. Orientation and voice, specifically loss of position as it relates to loss of voice are dominant themes in her practice. In collaboration with Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, DAI, and Werkplaats Typografie, she published the first edition of TRANSLATION IN THE DARK, a series dealing with translation. Recent projects include: How Language Moves at Goleb, Amsterdam; Il Milione at GEMAK in the Hague; and the workshop How to Lose Your Voice, a part of the NOA Language School Il, also in Amsterdam. In 2014 she exhibited at the Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade and Mirta Demare Gallery in Rotterdam. Other international exhibitions include Centers (solo show) at Diginner Gallery, Tokyo and Genius Loci at Klaipėda Culture Communication Center, Lithuania.

She has given talks at the Kaliningrad National Center for Contemporary Arts, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the Dutch Art Institute, PAKT (Amsterdam), GEMAK (the Hague), and the Netsa Art Village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Maruyama holds a BA in Studio Art from Oberlin College (USA), an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), and moved to the Netherlands after an extensive working period in Japan.

The Winter Solstice night exhibition:

The event aims to gather the local audience around various practices of both emerging and established artists, offering a unique opportunity to experience art works through the night combined with concerts performances, poetry readings, plays and even yoga sessions.

Since its beginning in 2012, the event has gathered over 70 different artists and performers. Many of the works were presented at the Winter Solstice for the first time and later shown again in prominent art exhibitions, such as Høstutstilling or Land Art Mongolia Biennale. Our event therefore functions clearly as a space of “pro-ject”: as throwing something towards the future.

We especially put an effort in highlighting experimental and time-based practices. Even if the exhibition is open only during one night, many of the works demand to stay in the space for some time.

The Winter Solstice is a roaming event. Indeed, each year we aim to engage with a new space, offering the artists and the public an other context to experiment. The previous years, we have been exhibiting at ANX/Pnek and Norsk Billedhogger Forening. The artists exhibiting had material support from these institutions, as well as Dans for Voksne.

The event is always open to everyone. Because hospitality and conviviality is an important characteristic of the event, we offer a large amount of food for free through the night.

There is about 200 visitors each year.

Links to the participants’ works: