Vandaler forening is throughout the year accepting applications for the winter solstice night exhibition.

Send email to: with object SOLSTICE 2018

To see some pictures: 2012 2013 2014 2015

Christmas anxiety? Feeling lonely and scared?

Don’t worry. We are once again organizing the longest night of utopia and hope.

Indeed, Vandaler Forening is extremely glad to invite you for the 6th edition of the Winter Solstice night exhibition which is becoming a tradition. As always, we will start around midnight and gather our efforts until sunrise. A line-up of amazing artists and performers will share their practice. If you want to be part of it, shoot us an email.

>>>> Do you want to participate?

  • date: TBC (around winter solstice time)
  • time: 22h-08h
  • overlapping programs: exhibition + concerts + performances + video screening
  • no schedule is provided to the audience
  • free entrance and food
  • equipment: PA system + sound technician, spotlights, projector on request
  • transport: transport of your equipment/art works on request
  • preparation: you are responsible for installing your work
  • you have to be present during the event
  • volunteer work is requested (help with installing, cleaning, cooking and serving food)

All genres are invited to apply.

We are especially interested by highlighting performative, collaborative, experimental and time-based practices.

For the third year, we will award one art piece or performance with From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize in collaboration with EE – Experimental Emerging Art Norway (PNEK).

Note that we unfortunately do not have the capacity to financially support your initiative. We are merely providing a space, help and advice to show/perform/mount your work.

Send your application to:

>>>> What is the Winter Solstice? (long version)

The Winter Solstice is a night exhibition and cultural event happening in Oslo during the longest night of the year, initiated in 2012 by the art practitioner Hanan Benammar.
As we have been granted a space to held our activities by Kulturetaten, “Vandaler Forening” is official. The group consist of Hanan Benammar, Mattias Cantzler & Vandaler Trusted Community.

The event aims to gather the local audience around various practices of both emerging and established artists, offering a unique opportunity to experience art works through the night combined with concerts performances, poetry readings, plays and even yoga sessions.

Since its beginning in 2012, the event has gathered over 130 different artists and performers. Many of the works were presented at the Winter Solstice for the first time and later shown again in prominent art exhibitions. Our event therefore functions clearly as a space of “pro-ject”: as throwing something towards the future.

We especially put an effort in highlighting experimental and time-based practices. Even if the exhibition is open only during one night, many of the works demand to stay in the space for some time.

The Winter Solstice is a roaming event. Indeed, each year we aim to engage with a new space, offering the artists and the public an other context to experiment. The previous years, we have been exhibiting at ANX/Pnek, Norsk Billedhogger Forening, Vandaler forening and SiO buildings.

Because hospitality and conviviality is one of the most important characteristic of the event, the entrance and food are free.

There is 200 to 300 visitors each year.



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